Following on from my research with Natural England on using CCTV to monitor wildlife I plan to run courses on CCTV for wildlife monitoring
I plan courses at two levels. Level one will cover the basics of CCTV in the morning, with a practical sessions in the afternoon.
This course will be suitable for the keen naturalist who wishes to learn more about wildlife in their area, and for educators who wish to inspire others.

Level two will be for the enthusiastic naturalist and for professional ecologists or those involved in wildlife conservation. This course will cover two days. The first day will cover the basics of a range of CCTV techniques and the second day will concentrate on mobile CCTV systems using the many set ups in my 5 acre garden in beautiful South Devon. Much of this second day will be based on my research with Natural England and the Woodland Trust on Dartmoor.

Click the link below for a copy of my article written for the Mammal Society News
CCTV for wildlife monitoring

Further course details to follow