Portable CCTV for mammal monitoring
This paper was published in the Mammal Socity online journal.
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Using CCTV for bat monitoring
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Please note that I no longer live at the address on the paper

CCTV for Wildlife Monitoring
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This book, published by Pelagic Publishing, gives a details account of how to use CCTV for monitoring wildlife. The book has great reviews and is suitable for all levels of knowledge..

Wildlife Photography Fieldcraft
This book is now published by Pelagic Publishing. Most of the photographs and graphics have been changed and updated.
The original e-book was published in 2013 and was regularly in the top 10 on amazon for books in its class. It has been the number one best seller on several occasions.

Two Stories Polish Exhibition
This exhibition took place from 2010 to 2012 and was shown in 17 venues across Devon
This exhibition used fine art photography to tell the story of the Soviet invasion of Poland in World War 2 . It highlighted the lost history of Poland, the suffering of the Poles and Britain's role in Poland's demise.

A book was published at the same time telling the true story of a young girl caught up in the troubles.
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Devon County Council award 2010
This was to support the Two Stories Exhibition

UNLtd/Millenium Commission award 2010
This was an award to fund the Two Stories Polish Exhibition.

November 2009: Animal Healing.
An exhibition held in South Devon Healthcare Arts' gallery in Torbay Hospital. Images of wildlife together with a section 'Healed by Humans' showing animals healed in Devon Wildlife Hospital

February 2009: Business and Biodiversity
An exhibition of wildlife images of quarry images taken for SibelcoUk. The exhibition was held in Old Forde House, Newton Abbot.

ARPS award
This was obtained for a series of images in clay quarries, showing how that beauty can be found in contemporary landscapes. The quarries were clay quarries in Newton Abbot owned by SibelcoUK.

Computer Gardening
Published in 2000, this book is out of date, although I may produce an e-book version at a later date.

Personal Computer in Horticulture
Published in 1998, this book is now out of print, but was the first book of its kind and was used by universities and Colleges.